Rooted in the Truth

As mere humans, we wander around only protected by our frail armor of skin, which can be wounded, cut, or broken quite easily. Sometimes we shake our fists at injustice as the world crumbles around us. We find ourselves surrounded by the inflicted, and those inflicting the pain. If our voices are loud enough, we can draw a crowd to rally against the unfairness of it all.

We begin to fret about how we could ever make a dent in such a vast sea of turmoil and wonder how meaningful our contributions towards easing that pain could ever be. How can we help the marginalized people submerged in a world consumed and blinded by hate?

Our convictions yell loudly at first as we feel something just does not seem right in the world—as if it were broken. We cry out because we must make this pain disappear. But then, our cries are drowned out in a frenzy of political drama, more tragedies, and devastation. These new afflictions suffocate our immediate concerns until we are forced to move on to something new that requires our worry, and disguises itself in urgency and necessity.

Many of us give up the futile fight and look to merely acknowledging the tragedy in the world. We may even become politically opinionated to ease our pain rather than acting upon any of our convictions. We eventually resort to the mindless scrolling of news because consuming is easier than innovating change.

We become numb. The lines between reality and fear mongering become skewed until we are overflowing with useless information. No longer are we met with truth and stinging conviction, but arguments of he-said-she said and conniving manipulation.  The conviction vanishes before our eyes; the kind of conviction that motivates and gives us a purpose. We become hollow, lifeless shells that need instant gratification.

Do you know there is truth out there? Truth that can drive away fear, anxiety, loneliness, and inner turmoil? It’s the kind of truth that brings the conviction I’m talking about; the kind that burrows deep down into the soul, giving you a sense of urgency to root out all apathy and destructive anger to start renewing your thought life—to replace all your insecurities with profound words of peace.

The truth is Jesus. Before the earth even began, He breathed a plan into purpose of redeeming the world from the sin that ravages us daily, that pits us against one another, and allows injustice to seep into every nook and cranny of our lives. We cannot fully grasp exactly who we are and why we hurt if we have no knowledge of Jesus Christ, who created us in His image and loves us unconditionally and irrecoverably. He made us uniquely and wrote the law on the hearts of men, so we may know there’s a natural order in the world and someone who intricately created it (Romans 2:15).

Innately, we have an engraved moral conscious ascribed to us by the Lord Himself, but we conflict with it daily. We try to go against the way God designed us and gain control of our own lives. But to alleviate this never-ending tension, we must recognize our hearts of stone and allow the Savior to give us a new heart, which allows us to become a new creation.

With our new hearts, God’s spirit works within us to remove our destructive habits. We become rooted in the profound truth of His saving power and rest in His sound wisdom, no longer a slave to responding hysterically to everything we hear in the news or the chaos surrounding us. We are free to replace these life-sucking forms of media with actions and thoughts that are pure, truthful, helpful, constructive, and productive—which will allow new, life-giving thoughts to resonate deep within our very hearts (Romans 12:2). Instead of filling our minds with flashing images of a false sense of reality, we can be fulfilled by digging into this truth.

Our purpose never involved diverted attention or removing ourselves from the world to escape the turmoil. We were meant to dedicate our entire lives to the mission of loving God and loving others. We were made to experience perfect communion with the Creator of the universe and from and overabundance of that sublime intimacy, experience a glimpse of unconditional love with other people.

We want to change the world somehow, yet, do not commit ourselves to loving those in the world. We want to shift blame on someone else, yell obscenities when others are unjust, and support only those who agree with our own ideas. Until we realize we are just as broken and vulnerable as those around us, we will rally around a cause and not around the kind of love only God himself can exhibit and allow us to experience to the utmost.

He IS love. Without Him, our life has no purpose, and no meaning. If He is love and He is our purpose, then our purpose is to love. We can relinquish our burdens and lay them at Jesus’ feet. He is the only One who will conclusively bring justice to this world. He can enter any situation we see as hopeless and confidently know the end purpose and how it will manifest itself in glory for His name’s sake.







Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Melissa Carroll

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