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With every powerful tool, there is a powerful consequence. Today, you and I are fortunate to have an effective tool; our voices. The words we speak can affect change, stir hearts, and empower people towards solutions. Too often, we use this platform to shout our opinions and shove them down everyone’s throats until they surrender.

Our opinions have become a right. We have to let everyone know that we are entitled to make our own choices, and we deserve to be happy.

It’s all about me, my needs, my choices, my body, my mind, and it sets me apart from the rest of the world.

We have this insatiable desire to justify our actions to everyone around us. If they do not like what we do, we find people who agree with us until we live in an alternate universe built by our own egotistical hands.

As Christians, we sometimes fall into the trap of proclaiming the shortcomings and wrongdoings of people living in this world. We become advocates for a moral high ground rather than advocates for grace. Ultimately, we hold the world to a standard that we abide by and use it as a handbook for living the right way. This boosts our ego and makes us feel morally superior.

We are denying credit where credit is due. We may know the truth, but we are NOT the truth, way or life. God IS the truth, the way, and the life. He embodies the very truth we all crave, the light we all thirst for, and the security we need. We find security in our opinionated answers rather than THE answer. God is the answer.

God in His mercy and never-ending grace stood in the place of me, a filthy sinner, and took all my guilt away. Not only that, God CREDITED me with His perfect life and righteousness. The only true peace we can receive is from God, not from preaching what rules by which everyone should abide.

“For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.” -Psalm 86:5

Christ did not live on earth in order that we might figure out what causes He promotes. You would not find Jesus protesting at a rally and holding up a sign showing his support to a particular group. He robed himself in earthly flesh to fulfill his purpose to His father. He promotes the ultimate cause: loving and caring for every human. Every human has innate value, every human has a story to tell, and God has interwoven these stories into His own.

Everything and everyone has a purpose.

We’ve forgotten the holes, wounds, scars, and trauma in our own lives. The secrets we don’t tell anyone else. The horrible thoughts we’ve dwelt on for too long. You remember when you discovered that God loved you despite all this baggage? You felt released and unashamed. In that moment, you wouldn’t demand perfection from others; you knew in your imperfection that God pursued you.

In that time of vulnerability, standards for everyone else would fall away. The gratitude you felt would only cause you to shout the unconditional message of the gospel, so that others may partake in its sweetness.

Within that freeing feeling, in the unconditional love, and wrapped in the sense of belonging; our eyes fixate on Jesus. In awe, we cannot fathom the amount of love He has towards us. In our thanksgiving, we instinctively and readily share the good news, the gospel, of what Christ had done in our lives.

When we remember this, we remember how to exhibit Christ’s love. Not by standing up on our soap boxes, but by stepping down, eye level to the crowd and sharing the grace we have received.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Melissa Carroll

picture source: http://iwildestdream.com/post/154576215898



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